MWG SMS Helpline

To migrant workers

This is how the helpline works.
  1. If you have any work related problems or questions, send an SMS to 012 223 4357 (012 223 HELP)
  2. A trade union person will contact you
  3. You can access advice, assistance and support on, for instance, negotiation with employers and agents, assistance meeting with the labour department and embassy officials. 
  4. You can remain anonymous
  5. The service is available in Nepalese, Hindi, English and Malay are available.

The below is the announcement from MWG (Migrant Working Group)

Hi All,
The BWI, MTUC, UNI, GEFONT and PSI have launched an SMS Helpline, operating from KL but accessible nation-wide. We have been slowly rolling out the system, testing the bugs, etc, over the last few months and are now beginning to slowly hand out the number to migrant workers.
The number is 012 223 4357 (012 223 HELP)
I have previously mentioned the system during MWG meetings, but just to give a brief run-down on what the purpose and functioning of the system is/will be:
·         The system operates by SMS – a worker will send an SMS to our number and the message is stored and automatically forwarded to a trade union person who will respond to the worker by phone
·         All SMSs that we receive will enter a database and all workers that we contact through the system will have their case details entered into the database to help form case studies, document abuses suffered by migrant workers and can provide a record to assist the worker if they subsequently take any official action. If a worker prefers not to give their details then this will be respected and people can remain anonymous.
·         Workers can access advice, assistance and support from the trade union personnel operating the system – similar to an information hotline. Because we will have their case information stored in the database we will be able to provide ongoing support and assistance and document the changes and developments in the case.
·         The people operating the line will be able to provide limited support to the worker (such as negotiation with employers and agents, assistance meeting with the labour department and embassy officials), in addition to general advice and guidance over the phone, and have language skills in Nepalese, Hindi, English and Malay
·         We will use the system as a point of referral on to other organisations who have more experience in specific areas (e.g. if the case involves refugees, workers who cannot communicate to us in one of our operational languages or domestic abuse then this would be outside our area of expertise and we would prefer to refer them on to a more competent organisation/body to deal with the case)
To this end, we would appreciate if you could please circulate the number through your networks, and we would also appreciate if you could volunteer your organisation’s information so we could refer any cases which would benefit from your expertise on to you.