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It has been confirmed that Sunday's Las Vegas shooters had white supremacist leanings and often talked about killing cops. The shooters, a man and a woman, entered a Las Vegas shopping center and started what they called "the revolution." Before they carried out a suicide pact, the couple ambush-killed two police officers and a woman shopper. The female member of the team carried out a murder-suicide act. According to a June 9 ABC News report, the couple had often talked to a neighbor about killing officers. They also engaged in bizarre dressing-up activities and spouted off about how they did not believe in the government.

According to a June 8 NBC News report, the couple ambushed the two cops at a CiCi's pizzeria outlet in the shopping center. The shooters took the officers guns and ammunition and then placed a Gadsden flag (with the coiled snake and the words “Don’t Tread On Me”) over the bodies.

Witnesses said the victims did not have a chance. Left dead were officers Igor Soldo and Alyn Beck, both of whom were married and had children.

The couple then crossed the street and went into a Wal Mart store where they told everyone to leave. They killed a third victim anyway. Finally, they went to the back of the Wal Mart store where the woman shot her partner and killed herself. While law enforcers have been to the killer's home, the names of the killers as well as the third victim have not been released yet.

There were over 1,000 people who are regarded as potential witnesses. There have been a few interpretations of the killer's statement, but it went something like "This is the start of a revolution!"

The couple were tagged as white supremacists when investigators searched an apartment in downtown Las Vegas. They found swastikas and other indicators of white supremacist leanings. According to a July 9 Channel 13 Action News report, there were other signs the couple was simply crazy.

One neighbor said the couple liked to dress up as characters from the "Batman" comics. The male dressed as "The Joker" and the female as "Harley Quinn," the Joker's girlfriend. Another favorite character was "Slenderman" the web-invented mythical demon who inspired two girls to attempt murder on a third girl.

A June 6 NBC News report addressed the reasons why two shooters are always suspected when mass shootings occur. Obviously, there is confusion, stress and misread reasons why individuals are seen to be fleeing the scene. Add in other conflicting reports during chaotic situations, and it is easy to understand why officials lock down schools and other shooting sites until the facts are clear.

A major concern is that other disturbed, but normally harmless individuals will be drawn into the excitement of "starting a revolution" as an excuse for more violence. There is little that families and others can do to anticipate or prevent such action, even when people talk about their intentions. The actors must act before law enforcement can do anything.

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