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As an Internet deals writer here on Examiner, I find the idea of savings versus increasing income an interesting dynamic. Plenty of people don’t mind spending nearly an hour to discover ways to save 50% on a 0 technology product instead of using that same hour to learn how to generate much more than that savings via coupon codes. By seeking out online income generation ideas and tactics, they could end up getting paid 100 times the amount saved.

It reminds me of a story I once heard Bishop T.D. Jakes recount, when he ran into an older woman at a grocery store who complained about the price of the meat being so high. “I’m believing God to lower the prices,” she said. “Why don’t you believe God to raise your income?” he countered.

The fear of getting started making money online – and needing some handholding through Internet coaching services

One major reason plenty of online shoppers favor frugality over income generation is because the former is easier. After all, by now most web shoppers know how to visit Retail Me Not or find the most recent promotional codes on Amazon. A good percentage of them, however, do not know how to set up a website, gather a mailing list, create an app and sell it or publish a Kindle book – whatever their online business bend happens to be, they shrink in fear at starting.

“Despite the low barriers to entry, high profit margins, global scale, and capacity for completely automated income, 97% of people starting an online business will fail,” writes Campbell McPherson, an expert who helps individuals start an online business by explaining complex subjects such as SEO, email accounts, landing pages and more.

McPherson notes that while the highest average savings a coupon-clipper can hope for runs around the ,000 per year range, the potential for income generation – on the other hand – is unlimited. Coupled with the fact that lots of workers can begin online firms in their after-work or weekend hours with little outlay of start-up cash, working in this manner presents little risk to their current income.

As a person who’s been in the online writing game since 2005 – and making money from it since 2006 – I’ve discovered that a good portion of individuals interested in the Internet business lifestyle simply need the handholding of a good coach who can actually walk them through the process. While some thrive on learning from YouTube videos and great step-by-step articles, others have less of a chutzpah, self-starter drive, and rely on online coaches to get them started and on their way. Therefore, sometimes the best “Internet deal on tech gadgets” might be spent towards an hour of online coaching instead of saved on the latest gizmo.

In the end, no matter how a person gets started with their online business – whether it represents selling words, smart-watches or world wide web services – the important part is in finding a route that works best for how they learn, and then taking a positive step each day, several times per day, in the direction of growing their company.