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Like all previous entries of the series, players will be able to build a party of NPC companions that will share in their journeys and battles within Dragon Age: Inquisition. Bioware had previously confirmed that the game will give fans access to three such party members for each of the title’s three available character classes. Joining the ranks of Cassandra from Dragon Age II as the full roster of warrior companions for the series’ third installment, the developer revealed on June 7 that the Warden Blackwall and a Qunari named The Iron Bull will join players as the remaining martial fighters in the upcoming title.

Leading up to the stage presentation for Dragon Age: Inquisition which will happen at E3 later this week, Bioware has been slowly confirming the various party members with brief teaser images and quotes. This is only a small taste of what will be shown at E3 as the developer has confirmed that they will be fully detailing the game’s new companion characters during the event.

Before this past week, there was only one companion confirmed for each class with fans knowing that Cassandra, Varric, and Vivienne will fill the role of warrior, rogue, and mage respectively. Now Bioware has confirmed that players will also be joined by an elf mage named Solas, Sera the bow-wielding rogue, and the large warrior characters of The Iron Bull and Blackwall. This only leave two more companions to be revealed before all nine potential party members are known.

Releasing on both new and last-gen platforms alike, Dragon Age: Inquisition releases for the Xbos 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, and PC on Oct 7. In addition to having a roster of companion characters that belong to different classes within the game, fans will also be able to build their Inquisitor however they see fit by selecting the race, class, and gender that they want the title’s protagonist to be.

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