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20th October 2012 Freedom Saturday

posted 31 Mar 2013 16:52 by Jump Penang

Thank you to everyone who attended our Freedom Saturday's Event at Straits Quay Penang and help raise awareness about the heinous crime of Human Trafficking.

146 cyclists took part in a 26.5KM bike ride.This was co-organized by ZF Steerings Malaysia and JUMP and sponsored by PINK BIKE & ZF Steerings Malaysia.

101 walkers took part in a walk around Sri Tanjung.

35 pieces of artwork were entered in our Poster Competition.

400 resource bags were given away.

8 Live Performances.

We would like to thank Tenaganita, CAMSA, Women's Centre for Change, NCWO Penang, YWAM and Mums Against Child Trafficking for joining us and Straits Quay for being our venue sponsor.

Please help us carry the Penang Anti-Trafficking Campaign forward by sharing with others what you have learnt about Human Trafficking in Malaysia.

13th October NCWO Anti Trafficking Campaign

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The National Council of Women's Organisation, Malaysia (NCWO) was given the responsibility by the Anti-Trafficking Council under the Ministry of Home Affairs to conduct awareness programmes on anti human trafficking especially women & children to the public.

JUMP's Freedom Saturday comes one week after the launch of this state-wide campaign. Freedom Saturday therefore represents the first public event as part of this campaign.

20th October 2012 (Sat) FREEDOM SATURDAY

posted 20 Oct 2012 16:51 by Jump Penang   [ updated 20 Oct 2012 17:08 ]

20th October 2012 (Sat)

"FREEDOM SATURDAY is JUMP's response to 3 cyclists from KL, who, in order to raise awareness of human trafficking, are cycling from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket via Penang.

20th October has been named FREEDOM SATURDAY. The 3 cyclists, accompanied by many others from Penang, will swoop into Straits Quay and herald the opening of the event at 10.30am. 

The Chief Minister for Penang has been invited to give the opening address at 11am.

There will be a programme of events throughout the day, including:

The Freedom Ride (entry form)
The Freedom Walk (entry form)
A Poster competition (entry form)
A Performance competition (entry form)
Booths giving information on human trafficking  in SE Asia

This event is in support of the Penang State wide campaign to
STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING (National Council for Womens' Organizations) and the Blue Heart Campaign (United Nations)"

For more information, contact us:-
freedomsaturday@gmail.com or
011 2647 3008

20/05/12 Vigil for Mey Sichan

posted 13 Sep 2012 07:08 by Jump Penang

A vigil for Mey Sichan

posted 21 May 2012 07:38 by Jump Penang



A vigil will be held

At Speaker’s Corner, the Esplanade, Penang

Sunday 20th May at 6PM


Join us and support the rights of migrant workers


Mey Sichan, a 24 year old Cambodian woman came to Penang as a domestic worker and it cost her life; she died from ‘prolonged starvation’ weighing just 26kgs according to police reports.  Her employers have been charged with her murder.  As they are brought to trial, appearing in court on June 7th, JUMP condemns her murder and the climate of human rights abuse in Malaysia that allows this to happen.  We pass on our condolences to her family and friends.


We say never again!

 Not in our name!


There are about 250,000 domestic workers in Malaysia, primarily women, but they are not treated with equal rights to other workers.

Domestic worker rights are also women’s rights.

For a Slave-Free State


Enough IS Enough’!

JUMP believes that the climate that allows abuse has to change or deaths such as Mey Sichan will continue to happen.


We demand:

  • A Independent inquiry into Mey’s death and the abuse & death of other Foreign domestic workers
  • Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) should be recognised as ‘workers’ under the Employment Act 1955
  • FDWs should have an unassailable right to keep their passports and other legal documents
  • Limits to working hours for domestic workers consistent with International norms
  • A minimum of  ‘one paid day off’ each week
  • A Statutory minimum wage for domestic workers
  • FDWs should have ‘rights of redress’ – the right to remain in Malaysia whilst disputes with employers are addressed
  • FDWs should have fair access to medical care, decent shelter, adequate rest periods
  • Foreign worker Agencies should have regular independent assessments and monitoring
  • Domestic workers should have independent legal status from their employers
  • Bill of Rights for Domestic workers
  •  Malaysia should sign ILO Domestic Worker convention and support its recommendations

No More DEATH!                

No More               ABUSE!


 Contact JUMP (Northern Network for Migrants and Refugees)


www.Jump-penang.org or find us on Facebook

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